Jessica Tangney

Bootcamp and Isagenix Success Story!

Never before have I been so excited about my fitness journey. I have been a member of several gyms, but since joining Eastern Massachusetts Adventure Boot Camp (EMABC), I have strived and achieved goals I never thought possible. Joining EMABC has been life changing. Shannon Barbato is, without a doubt, the best trainer and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She is an instructor who actually makes working out fun again! I look forward to getting up every morning and getting my butt kicked! No matter anyone’s weight, size or age, Shannon encourages and supports every single person at EMABC. It is such a positive and enthusiastic group of people, it is truly a family!

Along with boot camp, about five months ago Shannon encouraged me to try the Isagenix challenge and I feel like this is when everything came together for me.

Before Isagenix, I was talking about being healthy but now my family sees me living it. They see me cutting up vegetables every Sunday night for the week and making healthy meals. They see me go to boot camp every morning, join me for home workouts and then make my recovery drink and Isagenix shake after! They are actively part of my new lifestyle! What’s even more incredible is that I still have energy at the end of every day!

Since joining EMABC and starting Isagenix, I have lost over twenty five pounds, over forty three overall inches and am down two dress sizes. I now exercise five to six days a week and still have the energy and strength to be a wife, mom, teacher, sister and friend. I’ve gained more confidence and strength than I ever thought was possible. Shannon Barbato and EMABC have truly helped me to become the best me I can possibly be! Hands down, I am mentally and physically happier person since being a part of the EMABC team and have NEVER felt better.

-- Jessica Tangney

Tina Belanger

Bootcamp and Isagenix Success Story!

I have been attending Eastern MA Adventure Bootcamp for the past seven years, and I love it. Shannon is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. Her workouts are always varied and challenging, and appropriate for all fitness levels. Shannon’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she motivates me to work harder than I would on my own. Exercising is much more fun surrounded by my fellow “bootcampers”— we encourage one another and lift each other’s spirits during the hour we spend working out together. I truly see BootCamp as an investment in both my physical and my mental well-being—I walk out of every class feeling like a better version of myself, and I have Shannon to thank for that.

While I have attended bootcamp off and on since 2010, the last five months honestly have been transformative for me. Since October, I have lost more than 24lbs and over 40 inches off my 5’0” frame through a combination of diet and exercise. Specifically, with Shannon’s encouragement and coaching, I began using Isagenix products and participated in the IsaBody challenge. I am 47 years old, and mom of two boys, ages 17 and 15. I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I feel better than I have in many years.

Truthfully, when I began the initial 30-day challenge in October, I was filled with skepticism and uncertainty. I questioned my own ability to follow the program. I thought I would be hungry, tired and unhappy the entire time. I was used to coping with stress by eating comfort foods and drinking wine, and I doubted that I could break myself of years of bad habits. At the same time, I was extremely unhappy with how I felt and how I looked. The extra weight I was carrying on my petite, 5 foot nothing frame was weighing me down in so many ways. Physically, exercising had become more difficult for me than it ever had been. Mentally, the extra weight dragged my spirit down each day. I don’t think I realized how discouraged I was until I began the Isagenix challenge. Fortunately, Shannon believed in me even when I did not believe in myself.

Within days of starting the challenge, I started to see positive results. My skepticism disappeared. Losing weight and inches lifted me up! I looked forward to exercising every day. The sugary snacks I relied on were no longer necessary, my alcohol consumption decreased significantly. The shakes and supplements fit seamlessly into my daily life. I feel so much healthier, and in control of my life, and I am grateful every day for Shannon Barbato, Eastern MA Adventure Bootcamp and Isagenix. So much so, in fact, that I signed up for a VIBC (Very Important Boot Camper) membership in January for the entire year!

-- Tina Belanger